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The background of my creative expression includes having worked in the mediums of graphic design, printmaking, ceramic tile design/production, and photography. 


However, since 2006 I have been particularly fascinated with capturing a certain genre of imagery.


Water paints its own picture of reality. Canvases of water often display the power to reinterpret the world. Within such a reflective canvas I often find I am reawakened to the reality that creation is forever unexpectedly

beautifully mysterious.

Through this genre of my photography I seek to document a few jewels in the endlessly astonishing works of the Artist behind creation.


Sometimes, as I peer through my camera’s lens, I'm overwhelmed. On more than one occasion, I’ve had the distinct impression that I'm crouched at the edge of a Great Studio, secretly watching an invisible Artist at work. 


Often I watch and record in amazement at how effortlessly and wondrously the mediums of wind, earth, water and sky are being wielded as brush, paint and canvas simultaneously.


Who uses life as tools of art and displays the power to paint with the reflection of a flock of birds, as easily as with the hiding of the sun behind a cloud?


The most wondrous days of seeing through my lens are those in which I come to see myself too, as not only an observer, but as part of the canvas. Belonging to the picture, and to the One at work in, and all around me.


Art imitates life? This Artist, I cannot see, but can watch at work calling forth Life. The Painter of Life is indeed always at work. Ever creating. Everything living appears and imitates and reflects that fact, knowingly or unknowingly. I think we were created to know and to know we are in the painting we observe.







Most images brought to production are small limited edition prints. My work is produced as both large scaled and small scaled prints on various substrates including (but not limited to) paper, canvas, metal, and glass. Large scale works are produced on demand for commercial and private spaces alike. The fine art printmaking studio utilized in creating the finished product implements the highest museum quality processes available, insuring the most archival prints. The archival pigments in the inks used to create both paper and canvas and other formatted works have been tested to have a light fastness well beyond 100 years. Prints are typically created on premium canvas materials and thick, lush watercolor papers that are acid-free with no optical brighteners and made from 100% cotton. The same technique used in the printing of my pieces are those used to create works of art that have an impressive exhibition record in top museums and galleries throughout the world. 


Pricing varies depending on size, substrate, installation particulars, etc but as a rule of thumb pricing typically begins around the one dollar mark ($1.00) per square inch for large scale pieces excluding finishes such as professional framing. Pricing for smaller works are priced per unit as printing technic and finishes and custom touches can vary greatly. Custom and commissioned work and requests are welcomed and considered on a per event basis.




I work with commercial designers and architectural placement firms on larger lots of imagery, as well as major scaled up works for large high-end spaces like law firms, architectural firms, high-rise lobbies, hotels, airports, etc. 

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